Welcoming improved access to help in Nanaimo with the addition of our newest Counsellor!

We are so delighted to announce the addition of another Counsellor to the Limitless Wellness team.  In the profession of Counselling, private Counsellors often work completely independently. This is is how Sarah of Limitless Wellness started out. Over the years as Sarah’s business and professional standing within the community grew, so did the demand for Counselling and her services. 

The integrity of the profession and commitment to safe, compassionate and effective Counselling has always been at the forefront of Sarah’s mind. This is what has driven Sarah to establish Limitless Wellness as a respected and reputable name within the realm of mental health services. 

It is hard enough to find the courage to reach out for help. One should not then have to stumble about to find a Counsellor they feel safe with and who can actually help. Over the years, Sarah has heard this has been the experience for so many of her clients and it has fuelled her  mission to gradually and very carefully invite Counsellors to join her team at Limitless Wellness. 

We are growing as a comradery of like minded helpers who’s only goal is to best help others while supporting each other in the process.

We want our clients to feel safe in knowing that any Counsellor from Limitless Wellness is a therapist who truly cares, is committed to helping and always maintaining the highest standard of care one should expect from the privileged position entrusted to us. 

Paula Reynolds RPCc is a Registered Professional Counsellor Candidate, a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a certified Life Coach. She has a BA in Psychology, postgraduate classes in Counselling Psychology, and experience working in Mental Health.

“I’m here to listen without judgment and to help you find deeper meaning and purpose in all the confusion, hurt, and distress. I will be here for you, and I will support you through the process of creating quality in your life. We will work together to find a clear path forward, a path that works for you. There is hope! “ – Paula Reynolds 

Here’s just a snippet of what Paula’s clients have said:

“Right from my initial meeting with Paula I felt safe and comfortable in expressing my concerns. Often after awkwardly trying to describe my feelings she articulated them, without leading me, so that I was able to pursue my thoughts more deeply rather than stumble ineffectually over my words.”

Welcome Paula! We are delighted to work with you. 

You can read more about Paula here – 

Sarah Flynn RPC & Associates Nanaimo’s Compassionate Counsellors

To get in touch with our team you can call or email in complete confidence:


604 259 1254

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