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Welcome to Limitless Wellness! Perhaps coming to this page is the first time you have considered Counselling. You may only know that something needs to change in your life and that is the first step. The next step, we can do together. I invite you to take your time and get to know more about what we offer at Limitless Wellness. Choosing the right Counsellors for you is of utmost importance.

Sarah Flynn is a Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC) and Certified Life Coach. Esther Segui, is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC). We are a private Counselling practice serving Nanaimo, BC and online.


We believe that each person possesses the inner strength to heal themselves and our role is to support our clients on their journey. Bringing presence, genuineness and compassion to our role, along with the effective tools, skills, and in-depth knowledge necessary to help you heal and move forward.

Finding the right Therapist for you, is crucially important to your journey. Study after study has shown, that your relationship with your therapists is the most important factor in your own healing. To learn more about who we are and why we do what we do, please continue below. To get in touch, please email or call in complete confidence.
About Sarah

My experience has taught me that our greatest gifts often come from our deepest wounds. When we learn to embrace our own suffering we allow ourselves the space to heal and our lives become truly limitless.

Being the right counsellor for you is about so much more than just qualifications, it is also about having a strong passion for helping people and a caring empathetic approach. I believe the best Counsellors are those who have experienced challenging and difficult times themselves. How could I expect my clients to go somewhere I have not gone? For these reasons I feel it is essential to share with you some of my own journey.

I grew up in Dublin, Ireland and moved to Canada in 2009, where I now live with my husband, two daughters and children of the hairy variety. I was like so many people today, working in a career I didn’t like and telling myself I should just be happy. I was a financial advisor and I did not believe I could do anything else. I was too old now and too depleted of my own passion for life. I did not choose this career but rather fell into it out of an inner need for stability in my life. Changing course was too risky, too uncertain. I rationalized everything and denied my true feelings. I doubted all my decisions and felt low about life most of the time. Perhaps this sounds familiar to you. I did not think to ask for help, I believed that how I felt was who I was. It was not until I felt completely desperate that I sought out the nearest Counsellor I could find.

This was the most difficult and also most life changing period of my life. I remember believing since I was a child that talking to someone about my problems could not possibly help. Mere words can not explain how it felt to feel the weight lifted from my shoulders in just the first few sessions. My soul gasped in relief to have finally shared my story, my feelings out loud and to be truly heard in return. It was beginning of an amazing journey. I began to change my life, to heal and begin on the path to knowing myself for the first time.

I had always been fascinated with understanding people, child development and Psychology but I had never had the courage to pursue this passion. Having experienced my own struggles, my own severe depression and ultimately finding a way out, I wanted so much for people to not have to go through what I had. My own experience had now shaped me as a person and re-ignited my curiosity for the human mind, how we suffer and how it is possible to heal. The voice inside of me finally took centre stage and I was in charge of my life. I was going to be a Counsellor. It is what I was always destined to be but the path to getting here was necessary in order to be of real help to people. This is not the kind of job one can just do. It is a life purpose. I knew that with the right training, I could help people overcome their challenges and release the burden that is pain, loss and suffering.  Nothing fulfils me more, than connecting to others, seeing a person reveal their true selves and witnessing their transformation.

Looking back on my experiences, I know that had I sought out help earlier I may not have had to suffer as I did. I am grateful for my path, because it has taught me that precise lesson and now I get to share that with you. I believe with all my heart that everyone needs a Counsellor and I forever commit to sharing that message. A Counsellor is not the same as sharing with a friend, it is a relationship like no other and one that works to improve your relationship with yourself, others and the world.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my story. To see if I am the right fit for, I offer a free 30 minute consultation. Call the number above, in complete confidence.

About Esther

Hi, I’m Esther Segui and I am here to offer confidential, compassionate therapy in a safe space. I believe that people start to heal the moment they feel heard.

Many of the issues I help my clients with, are challenges I to have faced in my life. Like my colleague Sarah, I too believe that the best kind of help comes from those who too have ‘walked the walk’, come out the other side and committed themselves to a life of helping. I believe in counselling for so many reasons, but a big reason is the change I saw in my own life. My purpose in life is to love and care for others, my family and myself.  

I love and appreciate what makes everyone unique. I strive to meet everyone’s needs by using a variety of techniques and methods. Some of my methods include studying the Gottman method to further my understanding and experience in couples/marriage counselling, and treating everyone with unconditional positive regard, empathy, acceptance, and understanding. Everyone is welcome in my office and will be treated with the same level of respect and care no matter your age, gender, spiritual/religious beliefs, identity, culture or education. My goal is to help you find your sense of inner peace and compassion, acceptance, communication and health in your relationships.

About the logo

Original fairyThe first draft of this image came to me just as I was embarking on my journey to becoming a counsellor. Being from Ireland, I grew up with a fascination for fairies and the myths and legends surrounding them.

This image represents how I see our journey in life and the journey we travel within ourselves. Each path of ours so different and yet the process very much the same. The image is of a fairy kneeling and resting her head in her hands while her beautiful wings span out behind her. So often we live our lives in our heads and and lose all connection to our hearts, our true essence and the guiding force that resides within each of us. It is not until we pause for a moment, rest our minds and reflect inwards that we discover who we are. It can be a very difficult journey and at times our struggle may seem to get worse before it gets better. Through it all we are never truly lost, our strength to overcome never falls away. In the fairies darkest moments she was always Limitless. From our deepest wounds, shines the brightest light.