Date Night…During Covid-19?

So you are stuck at home and losing the will to brush your hair or wear pants for that matter! While you try to stay safe and healthy, the fun and romance in your life is dying a death. The children are running frantic laps around your feet and you contemplate knocking down a wall to create a more open, outdoorsy feeling…inside!

Feelings of stress and anxiety are heightened as we also rely more heavily on those closest to meet our emotional and social needs.  Isolation fatigue is setting in.

Here’s just one idea to to help maintain your sanity, reduce stress and keep the fun in your romantic relationship:


Date Night, At Home…but with all the bells and whistles! 

  • Tidy the house (or at least the living room)
  • Get dressed up (Yes, pants, dresses and heels)
  • Set the mood, candles, lighting, scents
  • Find a home concert to watch – Here’s a list of live concerts and shows you can stream from home
  • Then order food! Skip the Dishes has so many options or better yet check out our local Firehouse Grill. Feel good about spending money too as you support local restaurants. One great option right now are the “Pub Packs”, on offer from the Firehouse Grill in Nanaimo. They bring the beer too. Check out their Facebook page for more up to the minute menus.


This event in the world is a reminder that we can not control everything. We are never fully in control of what happens in our lives. This can be both a freeing and worrying realization. We can however look to what is in our control and make choices from there. Take charge of what you can, and create some joy.

Remember, our team of Counsellors are available for online appointments should you or someone you care about need support.

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